Special Celebrations

La Taverna Al Monte - & Special Celebrations

From ‘La Taverna al Monte’s lofty location 700 metres high amidst the Umbrian hills in Italy, a new stunning location for extra-special celebrations is now possible with special permissions to use the 'Secret Garden' ( see section on 'Secret Garden')


For a discerning guests, La Taverna & Monte Santa Maria‘s ambience is both sophisticated & unique like no other, a totally different experience.
 Setting itself apart from other venues, La Taverna and its surrounding hamlet and villagers welcomes the all it’s visitors & places at their disposal the possibility of using any of the wonderful buildings there; whether the medieval castle is preferred, or a private palace, with secret spaces and hidden gardens as well as its own exquisite church. All are especially opened and made uniquely available. All within walking distance, no cars or ferrying of guests to and fro. No other venues offer the same scope as LTAM. We offer you the entire medieval jewel that is Monte Santa Maria Tiberina.”


In addition to the use of LTAM as the main accommodation for you and your principle guests to stay in, you can relax in totally luxury.
We can also accommodate a further 80 /100 guests within the immediate vicinity mostly within walking distance or a short drive (mini-buses available)

A place where your guests can stay all together wandering free in this total pedestrianised mediaeval village.
In this place of unparalleled beauty you can literally take over the whole village with the use of its narrow streets and stone stair walks with characteristic arches.

Special events can be organised in the middle of the village ‘s cobbled streets, which can be florally decorated and dining tables set out for you; ideal for a rehearsal dinner or a street party to build up towards the” big day”.

Amidst the friendly buzz of helpful locals, so proud to share their hidden gem with you; you will feel part of the ancient Umbrian way of life.

So do come and spend a few carefree days together, forget about cars, & the hustle & bustle of the world outside. Be immersed in history and nature; with guided walks and all sorts of lovely activities. From horse riding to cooking classes; from art classes to yoga all can be organised. That’s not to mention the food with its myriad of local specialities from white truffles locally found; to wild boar or its wonderful regional dishes all being produced from the village’s own kitchen and very own family-run restaurant.

Formal and informal ceremonies can also be organised. Even the ancient Bourbon Castle has permission for its use as a wedding venue.


Of course LTAM will be the prime & central venue for you to be based, with the main reception being organised in the” Secret Garden” followed by partying and celebrating until the early hours by the green marble swimming pool or under the stars on the high terrace.

We can organise both religious and non-religious ceremonies, and cater for smaller intimate parties from 6 people up to larger groups with hundreds of guests.

Imagine the whole village decorated just for you and your dear ones, where the bride will, ascend the beautiful 100 stone steps in the middle of the village leading to the castle or to the church where the congregation eagerly awaits for her entrance.

Getting married at LTAM is an unforgettable experience for you and your family and friends.



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